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Super Bowl LI Reflection

This year’s big game between New England and Atlanta gave fans, for or against, neutral or apathetic something to marvel at or at least pay attention to. Like any great movie this game had a protagonist the past champion Patriots and the antagonist, a bunch of dirty birds. Hitchcock qualities yet unscripted.... [Read more...]

2016 Fall Classic “A Mental Spectacle”

Being part of the media landscape, at this year’s World Series, offered me a perspective on the fall classic that the average fan would not be privy to. Everything from the press conferences to the first pitch are planned with and to precision. The hundreds of people working behind the scenes to make... [Read more...]

Hero Uncovered

All too often in conversation I hear elite athletes referred to as heroes. The USA women’s national soccer team’s World Cup victory parade was sprinkled with signs “Our Heroes” along the route. I would be the first to laud the hard work, dedication and mental toughness it takes to be a competitive... [Read more...]

Stray Hope In Sochi

Raggedy, unkempt dogs roam the muddy streets of Sochi, pilfering leftover scraps of forgotten rummage. Despite the efforts of many media outlets to paint them as vicious, mangey animals who prowl tame sidewalks looking for a young child to tear apart, I’ve found most of them to be looking for nothing... [Read more...]

Men Greatness Lies With Your Chest

Using sports as a metaphor for the spiritual life. Why not?  Now we can take this to the level of absurdity when a goal, home run, and every basket made is a special grace filled moment. God is anointing his favorite athletes each time he or she produces goals, runs or points. Lest not we forget those... [Read more...]

Debunking Doubt

It’s been a while since the Gospel spoke to me. It’s been a while since I’d even been to church. One Sunday passed into another, yet I found myself choosing to sleep in or simply do something else. My story of a lapse in faith is no different than any other…sometimes God just takes a back... [Read more...]

NHL Teams Surprising Streak

This year the NHL has had its’ share of teams with point streaks unlike we have seen in years past. The shortened season perhaps lends itself to teams not taking a night off and heeding the coach’s daily rallying cry “boys the next one is the biggest game of the season”. The Chicago Blackhawk’s... [Read more...]

God Must Be A Ravens Fan

The Baltimore Ravens spirituality was on display for the entire nation to see predominantly through Ray Lewis with his evangelical minister like style of answering reporter’s questions on national television. Lest we forget the under garment purposefully displayed and embroidered with Psalm 91. Jim... [Read more...]

The Meaning Of Life

Did the above title perhaps peak your curiosity beyond the mundane heading? Good, I drew you in! You weren’t looking for an easy answer, were you? Searching for life’s meaning is a feverishly futile quest embarked upon by countless curious floaters who venture to set sail into the deep channels of... [Read more...]

Is Sports My Religion?

Sports a quasi-religion. I first heard this term from a cleric who was driving home the point if men spent as much time consuming sports content as they did devoting time to God and family then perhaps some of the ills affecting our society like absentee fathers and withdrawn husbands leading to widespread divorce... [Read more...]

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