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Notions Of Devotion

I wasn’t sure the technician would let me keep the rosary that was firmly clasped between two idle hands while the MRI machine clicked, thudded and went about collecting data that would reveal how well the last three months in a body cast had panned out. If she didn’t ask me to hand it over, I surely... [Read more...]

Hallowed Halls

Each summer thousands of football enthusiasts make the trek to the birthplace of football Canton, Ohio which is also home to the game’s Hall of Fame.  I wouldn’t consider myself diehard or one who is enthralled by the achievements of individuals nor looking at the busts of pigskin greatness... [Read more...]

Faith On The Fairways

I recently attended the Senior Player Championship held at the lush Fox Chapel Golf Club outside of Pittsburgh. One of the five majors on the Champion Tour. Some of the greats of the game and familiar faces of yesteryear graced the Seth Raynor designed course. Watson, Norman, Lehman, Couples, Calcavecchia... [Read more...]

Faith To The Finish

Entering my 10th season racing as a professional triathlete I have learned to embrace suffering.  With a single Ironman event consisting of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run there is a certain amount of discomfort I know I will have to endure on race day.  It will show itself in several... [Read more...]

The Faust Legacy

I had the pleasure of interviewing in studio former Notre Dame coach Gerry Faust and for those few hours I was able to acquaint myself with the man behind the battle scars that being a college football coach in South Bend can lance upon those who pace the sidelines in the shadows of Touchdown... [Read more...]

Could Tebow hear John Paul II?

What celebrity in Denver stated: “Do not be afraid to go out on the streets and into public places. … This is no time to be ashamed of the Gospel. It is the time to preach it from the rooftops.” If you’ve been following the Tim Tebow phenomenon, that’s an easy answer: It’s... [Read more...]

Wally’s World

Rambling reflections of a cradle Catholic, ex-high school linebacker and catcher and forever a diehard Boston Braves and National League baseball fan: It poured in buckets on the Saturday in May of my First Communion 61 years ago. All baseball games were postponed on that date, but the wet weather failed... [Read more...]

Patrick’s 5 Funny Signs That Prove The World Has Gone Sports Mad

Representing a modern version of Roman Gladiator worship, some current sports fanatics clearly follow an athletic religion. Humor is always a good way to soften the blow of facts and thus our vignettes have been created to address the reality of this topic. With tongue planted almost firmly in cheek,... [Read more...]

Heavenly Biking Partners

Over 20 years ago, my future husband introduced me to the sport of road biking, and it’s been my favorite form of exercise ever since. I have biked thousands of miles, in all parts of the country, finding adventure, friendship and fitness along the way. I prefer to ride with my husband or a friend,... [Read more...]

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