God Must Be A Ravens Fan

February 5, 2013 by  
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The Baltimore Ravens spirituality was on display for the entire nation to see predominantly through Ray Lewis with his evangelical minister like style of answering reporter’s questions on national television. Lest we forget the under garment purposefully displayed and embroidered with Psalm 91. Jim Nance held strong to the mic during the post game Lombardi Trophy presentation when interviewing Lewis who took that moment to impart biblical words of inspiration and other reflective thoughts. You couldn’t help but think if Ray was able to grab solitary hold of the mic the Superdome may have been in for an old time tent meeting. Be that as it may.

The  Ravens spiritual composition goes beyond Lewis. John Harbaugh during press conferences would make reference to his team having a spiritual make-up that aided them in believing and trusting one another. John is not reluctant to talk about his beloved Catholic faith and what it means to him. Ravens Center Matt Birk told me, “This is the most Catholic team I’ve been on”. Birk has made a courageous and public stance defending the dignity of marriage and had opposition in his very own clubhouse. Comes with the territory.

Justin Tucker the Ravens place kicker can be seen making the Sign of The Cross before every kick and his faith is sincerely rooted behind that triune action.

Bible studies on Mondays, Mass is said for Catholic players, Recitation of the Rosary and Chapel arranged for the Protestant members of the team. So, clearly there are many Ravens who take their faith seriously and make it part of who they are.

So, God must have been on Baltimore’s side with all these believers present. After all why wouldn’t God give some extra grace for a completed pass or perhaps stop the referee from throwing the flag late in the game for pass interference for his chosen Ravens.

Baltimore you had the better team on that Sunday but Our Lord had no stake in the outcome. Think of it this way, as through the eyes of the Harbaugh parents, they loved both of their sons unconditionally and felt the joy and disappointment for John and Jim respectively.

Our heavenly Father looks down at his children in the same fashion. A God who loves us unconditionally sharing in our joys and sorrows not only in sports but in the travails of life. He was with the 49’ers in their disappointment and the Ravens in their joy. I would venture to think our good Lord was most concerned about how his children handled victory and defeat. John and Jackie Harbaugh I’m sure had this concern as well for their children.

One moment we can be like Elijah standing victoriously on Mt. Carmel, and the next hiding out in a cave, fearing for his life, and complaining to God. Our fallen nature, if directed toward God or not, will determine how we deal with winning or losing. God who is the giver of all gifts entrusts us with talents to carry out his will and bring others to relationship with him.

A tiny poor woman said it best, “Faithfulness not Success.” Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta.